Memorial Drive on my mind

Memorial drive is a street that plenty of metro Atlanta inhabitants use daily. With that being said, it is going to have deal with the rush of commuters trying to go to and from work. The heavy traffic volume begins at around 4 pm and does not begin to fade until around 6 pm. The major causes for this rush is the 8 to 4 and 9 to 5 employees getting off of work. However, the Mary McLeod Bethune middle school that is nearby ends out at 4:15 and that also adds to the traffic rush. ¬†There are a variety of vehicles within the traffic that portrays the economic standing of the inhabitants in Decatur. A bystander will see anything from ten year old sedans and SUVs to sleek camaro’s and elegant Cadillac’s. The public transportation like taxi’s and buses are not as abundant on this portion of Memorial drive due to it being outside of downtown Atlanta. The pedestrian volume at 4 pm is not too heavy and the pedestrians that are on the sidewalk tend to be on the younger side of 50 years old.

Plaza located behind Exxon
Photo taken by Sefay Edwards

This section of Memorial drive intersects with Covington highway and connects commuters to the interstate 285 loop. At the intersection of Memorial drive and Covington highway are two gas stations located diagonally across from one another. One gas station is a shell and the other is an Exxon.  Across the street from the shell is a local church and across the street from the Exxon is a plaza that contains a Rite-Aid and a family dollar. Also behind the Exxon is another plaza that contains a Subway restaurant and other small businesses that offer choices of food.

The location of Memorial drives lies in the plateau of the Appalachian mountains, so it contains hills and curves throughout the length of the road. Memorial drive runs through two counties in the metro Atlanta area.

One of the many mile markers located along Memorial drive.
Photo taken by Sefay Edwards

Those counties are Fulton and Dekalb. Since these two counties are some of Georgia’s most populated, it makes sense as to why so many people utilize this road. Alongside the road, there is plenty of nature to catch your eye. This abundance of nature leads to natural colors filling the view of drivers and pedestrians. The inhabitants have more than just the blue sky to look at. There are luscious green trees and colorful leaves along with the orange dirt that is all over Georgia. The natural scenery adds an extra element that everybody can enjoy.

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