Cars are not necessarily needed

As I observed Memorial drive, I could not help but notice the lack of pedestrians. The majority of the people that use the road are behind a steering wheel. I know for a fact that not everybody can own a car. I also know for a fact that not everybody is going to be inside their apartment or house at the same time. So where are all the pedestrians? The amount of people I saw on the sidewalk I could count on my hands and toes. It left me confused how such a populated county and such a well known street is left empty on the sides. Since it is located in what is considered metro Atlanta, I would assume it stays busy up until about 8 pm but that is not the case. As a

street view of memorial drive
Photo taken by Sefay Edwards

matter of fact, this section of Memorial drive calms down at around 7:30 which I find surprising.  It has its own exit off of interstate 285, which is what I consider a sign of a major road. The lack of pedestrians was either an anomaly for that day or people are lazier than I give them credit for.

Another thing that I found odd about Memorial drive is that it was rather quiet for a major road. During rush hour, one would expect noise to accompany all the hustle and bustle. Not for this road. Memorial drive even during rush hour is rather calm. It is not too chaotic. It is not too hectic. The road stays relatively calm and there is not too much unnecessary background noise. I did not hear the car horns I am used to hearing during a conventional rush hour up in New York. I find it hard to believe that is even rush hour. It has the car volume but it

Street view of memorial drive in the west direction
Photo taken by Sefay Edwards

does not have a rush hour atmosphere to me anyway. I feel as though the lack of pedestrians could be a cause of this. If there was more people on the sidewalks, the addition of there voices could add to the rush hour atmosphere. Rush hour up in Queens is hectic. Cars going one way, pedestrians going another, along with the noise, that is a rush hour. Memorial drive is missing two out of those three things. Now this is not necessarily a bad thing. It just makes the street lack a element that I feel is necessary for it to be considered a major road. It is not like the drivers would mind, if anything they want less people in cars and more people on the sidewalk to ease up on the traffic load.

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