MLK marta station under my microsope

Once i hop of the train, I am unimpressed at what my eyes see. The train station does not offer much to look at and in its defense, it should not have to. The station is there to assist people in getting around the city, not to fascinate civilians. And yet I still can not help but ask for more. The only thing that really will catch the average person eye is the purple spinrilla advertisement poster that is placed along the cream walls. It adds some pop to the otherwise drab train station. I most likely feel this way about the station for two reasons.

The first reason being that I have seen the station so often that I may have become numb to it. In all honesty, when I first exited at the MLK marta station back in 2008 to visit the King center, I remember not really feeling anything negative or positive towards the station itself. As a matter of fact, I did not record any emotion until i was outside in the daylight away from the boring scenery that is the MLK marta station. Not much has changed between 2008 and today. I pass the station five times a week and with each day I expect something new to catch my eye but nothing changes.

The second reason being that I grew accustom to the way the subway was up in Queens, NY.  There was never a dull day, at least whenever I decided to ride the subway up in Queens. If there was not a person break dancing or play an instrument down there, one could always find some respectable graffiti in the subway stations. These brought life to a subway  station that would otherwise be rather dull. It also takes your attention away from the negatives that the subway station may have like trash or untidy areas. At the MLK station, nothing is there to take your attention away from its flaws.

Now do not get me wrong, the MLK marta station is not bad. It has its positives like the train runs on time, I think it is pretty safe as crime does not occur near there from  what I hear, and if your not a fan of crowds then this station is for you as it is not too crowded. The only real problem is that this stop will have you bored as you wait for your train. A minor price to pay but it can be fixed with just a simple paint job. The station will not leave  lasting impression on anybody who uses it

Railways that the train utilizes for power and direction

MLK marta station at a glance

The Martin Luther King marta station is the seventh stop coming from the eastbound direction and the fifth stop coming from the westbound direction.  Once one enters the train station, it should be noted that a restroom will not be available to passengers as they wait for there train.  There are eight gray colored cement benches, four being allocated to east side and the other four being on the west side. There are cream colored walls that are evenly spaced on each side that let’s in a little bit of light during daytime hours. Attached to these walls are silver rails that may be used for for balance purposes. Also placed along the cream walls are advertisement boards that vary on what they showcase. The majority of them do advertise entertainment, education opportunities, and healthcare.

If you look up, you will see that there are light fixtures to help illuminate the station at night. You will also notice that a few of them are missing the protective glass in front of the bulb due to unknown reasons. Along with the lights hanging from the ceiling are four security cameras, two for each side. The station has a pair of elevators and escalators on  each side. It also comes equipped with stairs on each side just in case both of those happen to go out of order at any time.  There are trash cans placed near each escalator and elevator lined with clear plastic bags. In case of emergencies, there are two fire extinguishers and two police telephones on each side located a few yards away from the elevators. The train runs on two parallel rails. One is for directional aid and the other is the electricity that helps power the train. The train schedule spaces out each train by eleven minutes for westbound and eastbound trains and barring an anomaly is going to be right on time. The human traffic between the hours of nine and 11 are low. Many of the people are usually boarding  the train and there is one marta officer patrolling the premises.

Menus are low key confusing

I struggled to find out how to properly display my menus on my website. It was not so confusing but I guess a tiny bit of panic added to the confusion. After some guidance, I solved my issue relatively quick.

To create the menu, you must go to the appearance tab in the back end of your site and click menus. After that, you give your menu a name then click create menu. Then, you go to pages,click add new, give your page a title, and then add the necessary text to complete your page then publish your page. After that, you go back to the menus tab and locate your newly created page. Then, you check the box next to it and click add to menu. Check your menu settings to see that the box next to top menu is checked. Once all of this is done, click save menu and your menu will be completed.