Pedestrians aspire to be car owners

It is a very common goal of most citizens within the United States to get their own drivers license. The benefits that come with owning one are rather good to have. Most pedestrians that use public transit own a drivers license and while it may be used as a form of I.D., the real purpose for them

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owning it is that one day they aspire to no longer being a pedestrian. As human beings, we have traits that occur naturally in our brain whether we like it or not, it is out of our control. This is called human nature. One of these traits that we all possess happens to be envy. Envy is when a person desires to have possession of what somebody else owns. Based on blog from a certified psychiatrist, “Seeds of this desire are sown in the mirror neuron system, a part of the brain that is activated in a similar pattern whether a person is performing an action or merely watching someone else do it.” (Sanity, D. 2012, May 30. Envy, resentment, and human nature. [Web log post] Retrieved from

Empty bus stop during rush hour.
Photo taken by Sefay Edwards

With this statement, it is safe to say envy occurs everyday for a pedestrian on Memorial drive as they see cars zoom by whether they are walking, waiting at a bus stop, or riding the bus. They can not help but wonder how it feels to own a car, its a part of there psyche after all. Another factor that plays a role is the amount of advertisements a pedestrian encounters while on there way to their destination. There are an abundance of used car dealerships on or near Memorial drive, giving pedestrians more than one opportunity to contemplate the choice about making the down payment to become a car owner. A scholarly study out of University of Florida and Pennsylvania state university claims that “Media value had a positive relationship with attitude toward billboard advertising.” (Jong Woo, J., Young Han, B., Ilyoung, J., & Jieun, C. (2016). The Effect Model of Billboard Advertising Media. P 25.)  Since billboards have a positive relationship with the attitude of consumers, the combination of this and envy is more than enough for a employed pedestrian to give up their bus pass for a set of car keys.