Does it matter?

Why am I going on and on about how this street impacts the people that use it? Well for starters, it ultimately effects the environment. More cars being purchased leads to more fossil fuel being consumed which in turn adds to whatever damage already lies within the atmosphere. While it may be a rather minuscule addition to the damage, over time it will increase and only continue to increase as the population continues to grow. Also, while pedestrians may only see the benefits of owning a car, they should know of the benefits that come with being a pedestrian. As a pedestrian, they save money on expenditures like car insurance and gas. The added walking one does to and from their stop is also a plus as its a good form of daily exercise. If more people chose to walk and ride the bus rather than drive, than the overall health of those that use Memorial drive would improve. These benefits are by no means minor as everybody would not mind easy ways to save money and stay healthy. Unfortunately for Memorial drive, it may be impossible to encourage more pedestrians to stay pedestrians at the stage it has reached. There is too much going for pedestrians to become drivers that it is out of control for the current environment that is Memorial drive to reverse it. It would take nothing short of a miracle which I do not see happening  anytime soon.