Learning by example

In class we looked at an example of what would be a good built environment description would look like. The three that we looked at each had individual characteristics that separate themselves from the others.

answers about varsity restaurant.

The first used pictures to help portray the the colors that were inside the restaurant. The author used descriptive language as well to go along with the pictures. When alone either one is good but when together, they are great.

The second had a sound bit that was a recording of the daily sound one might hear if they were to visit the varsity restaurant. This gives an element that a reader has a sort of intangible to, kind of placing the reader in the middle of the restaurant.

The last was a personal outlook on the restaurant as a whole. The author ties in what was witnessed in the first two post and adds her own personal thoughts on how she feels about the restaurant. When I read the last post, I could reference the other two as to see why the author feels the way she does about the restaurant.

GSU Landscape

The landscape at Georgia State University is very vast and urban. The university is not your conventional campus to say the least. When people think of college, what comes to mind is an independent institution that operates

Street view of classroom south at GSU

as a small town in its own way. The likes of University of Georgia or University of Kentucky tends to fit that old. Georgia State does not and that is mainly due to where it is located geographically. Georgia State University is set in the heart of downtown Atlanta. The Falcons stadium along with Phillips arena are both one short taxi ride away from the university library. Not to mention the campus is surrounded by businesses stretching from coca-cola to Delta air lines. I have had conversations with students who said they enjoy the campus even though they feel they are not on one half the time. Most of them say “There is plenty to do” or “It is hardly ever dull around here”, signifying all the attractions the city has to offer its inhabitants. While the campus is unorthodox, it does not seem like the students are bothered by it one bit.

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Office Visits

Wayne Gretzky in action. (Image by Ann adrian, flickr cc)

My first office hour with Mrs. A was rough. Kind of like a hockey game. We discussed how I can properly utilize the space on my blog posts, how to give attribution to to media i add to my posts, and how to manipulate the pictures within my text. I am still working on the manipulation of the pictures but the rest are coming to me with relative ease. She also wanted me to practice posting blogs daily to get use to writing since I am not too bad at it. Once we worked out the kinks of my problems, she offered a rather suitable solution to help with my writing. I will find out in the near future if it works out for the better and for my sake, I hope it does.







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