We the people are multiplying

Trubey Scott J. (2016). Which metro Atlanta counties will see the most population growth. The Atlanta-Journal Constitution.

J. Scott Trubey has been a reporter for the Atlanta-Journal Constitution for six years and claims that by the year 2040, the population of the metro Atlanta region will increase by 2.5 million. The article provides projections from the Atlanta Regional Commission along with an anecdote from Atlanta Regional Commission director Mike Alexander. The purpose of the article is to provide an accurate prediction of the growth of the population as well as highlight where the bulk of the population growth will occur according to specific counties within the metro Atlanta region. Since the article talks about the economy growing along with the population over 65 increasing, the intended audience would be current residents over the age of 30 as well as future residents who are looking for employment. Real estate agents would benefit the most from reading this article as the increase will happen over time and they will have a constant deal of clients looking for housing.

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