The power of billboards

Jong Woo, J., Young Han, B., Ilyoung, J., & Jieun, C. (2016). The Effect Model of Billboard Advertising Media. Journal Of Multidisciplinary Research.

Jong, Young,Ilyoung, and Jieun have ties with the university of Florida and Pennsylvania State university and  are writing about what impact billboards have on consumers. This source contains study results that highlights the emotions and attitudes consumers have towards billboards. The purpose of this article is to find out how effective billboards work as an advertisement ploy. The intended audience would be business majors who are trying to keep an edge on what advertisement is trending and what is becoming obsolete. Major companies would find this article useful as it will help sway whether or not they invest into more billboards or if they want to invest into other forms of advertisement like radio or television commercials.


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