Cars carry more data than I thought

Khoeini, S., & Guensler, R. (2014). Using vehicle value as a proxy for income: A case study on Atlanta’s I-85 HOT lane. Research In Transportation Economics.

Khoeini and Guensler published their article through the acclaimed Georgia Institute of technology and claims that their is a large discrepancy between the value of cars that use the high occupancy toll lanes. The article provides a wide range of tables and a few detailed maps that display the findings the authors collected. The purpose of these authors writing this article is to showcase the wide gap that is present among the socioeconomic classes in the metro Atlanta area. The intended audience would be academics curious about how accurate vehicle ownership portrays the wealth of car owners in the metro Atlanta area. This article would be useful to car dealership owners in the sense that they would know where to properly market their advertisements to maximize the return on their expenditures to gain a desirable profit.

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